Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products fully natural?

Yes we don’t use any other ingredients in our lavender oil and lavender mist. They are all pure and organic also. For the products like bath salts, while choosing the ingredients like sea salt and himalayan salt we work with chosen brands to guarantee the best quality and to be sure the ingredients are fully natural.

Do you ship international?

Yes we ship all over the world.

Do you cover shipping costs?

Shipping costs belongs to the buyer.

Do you have a customer support?

Of course! You can reach us from the contact information anytime you want. Our mobile number is below. Also, you can send a message from Facebook or Instagram. We will be happy to answer your questions and cover your needs.

Which Lavender Oil is Best?

There are many types of Lavender flowers. Therefore, you can find several types of lavender oil with different quality, smell and price. However, the best type of lavender which gives the best quality lavender oil is called “Lavandula Angustifolia”. So usually, producers put this special type name on the oil bottles to let the potential customers know their oil has a good quality. We also grow this type of lavender in our fields and Lavandemor’s Lavender Oil has the best quality.

What Does Lavender Oil Work For?

There are several use cases of lavender oil. Most common ones:

  • Reduces headache
  • Helps sleep aid
  • Helps for anxiety
  • Helps for the burns
  • Helps to keep away mosquitos
  • Beneficial in Aromatherapy
  • Used in diffusers

Where to Get Lavender Oil?

If you met with this magical oil and you have decided to use it regularly, then you will realize it is very easy to access this oil. It may seem a bit expensive but when you experience the benefits you will see that it worths. Many cosmetic shops, pharmacies, some chain markets even some Christmas markets sell the lavender oil. Of course, if you want to order online, you may find lavender oil on many of the e-commerce sites, especially on Amazon. Here is the link where you may buy Lavendemor’s lavender oil:

How Lavender Oil is Extracted?

First, lavender flowers harvested, then put into a big distillation vessel. Then steam introduced into the vessel. The steam boils the lavender oil off the plant. Cold water running through a coil cools the steam and turn it into liquid form. Then with the separator, lavender oil is separated from lavender water known as lavender hydrosol. That’s all. The pure lavender oil is ready.

When Does Lavender Oil Expire?

Actually, there is not a certain lifetime of lavender oil. It strongly depends to the storage conditions. If you keep your lavender oil in a dark glass bottle and also away from sunshine it will have a longer life. Under these circumstances, you may use your oil for a couple of years.

Can Lavender Oil Help My Sleep?

Yes. This is one of the well-known benefits of lavender oil. If you put a few drops on your pillow, it will make you sleep faster. Lavender oil will make you calm down and relax.

Can Lavender Oil Be Taken Orally?

No. Lavender oil is just for external use. Don’t use for cooking or don’t drink it.

Will Lavender Oil Repel Flies?

Yes. Especially mosquitos. In summer days use a few drops on your arms, legs and open parts of your body. Lavender oil has a strong smell that the mosquitos don’t like. The oil will keep them away.

Is Lavender Oil Good for Burns?

Yes. For the small accidents like the ones in the kitchen, you may pour lavender oil on the scar. It will reduce your pain and help your skin to recover.

Is  Lavender Oil Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe. It is good for nausea. Pregnant women smell it for that reason. Also, they use it to sleep more comfortably.

Is Lavender Oil Good for Hair?

There are many shampoos and hair- creams including lavender oil. Some people believe that it reduces hair loss. However, there is no scientific proof for that belief. Since it is pure natural oil and it is ok to use on your skin, you may try it on your hair and see the results by yourself.

Is Lavender Oil Safe for Babies?

If your baby doesn’t have a special allergy then it is ok to use externally. In fact, many mums use lavender oil to heal the rash.

Is Lavender Oil Good for muscle pain?

Yes. Many of the muscle relaxing creams and gels include lavender. For example, for the tired feet, massaging with the lavender oil is a nice solution.

How Much Lavender Oil Should I Use in Diffuser?

Lavender oil, especially the ones which has good quality has a strong smell. Therefore, just a few drops will be enough to make your room smell like a lavender field.

How Lavender Oil Helps Anxiety?

Yes. Lavender oil will boost your mood to make you relaxed and reduce your stress level. Lavender oil is famous for its sedative effect.